How 3D Scanning and Drone Technology Have Changed Land Surveying

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The technology of 3D scanning has made it possible for nearly every professional to perform tasks more effectively. Dentists and orthodontists, for instance, use 3D scanning to better photograph the teeth of their patients and therefore create accurate impressions. It is because of this that more and more 3D laser scanning companies in Utah and other parts of the country are sprouting.

Now, land surveyors are also using 3D scanning technology to photograph land areas with better accuracy. Also, with the help of drones, they can cover larger areas with ease. Listed below are some other advantages of combining 3D scanning and drone technology.

Safety on the field

Aside from better accuracy, another advantage of combining the two technologies is that people on the field are now safer. Back then, land surveyors had to cover large areas of land in order to measure boundaries properly, and some areas can be tricky to handle. They had to trek across difficult terrains just to measure the land, and not all of these areas are on steady ground.

But with the aid of drone technology, it has become easier to cover terrains that are dangerous for people, and therefore it is safer for them. All they have to do is remote control the drones to fly over the areas they need to measure and voila, they can scan all the areas they need without having to step foot on any of them.

Faster measuring

Drone technology has also made it faster for land surveyors to cover large areas. Instead of walking across several land areas, they can just use their drones to scan all the areas they need to measure.

Access to hard-to-reach areas

Another advantage of using drones in 3D laser land surveying is that they can access areas where it is difficult for humans to reach. Back then, land surveyors had to use various tools to reach areas that are a bit dangerous to go to without proper equipment.

Now all they have to do is fly drones into those areas and let them do the hard work of scanning and measuring those lands. But even without the aid of drones, 3D scanners are capable of measuring land areas that are dangerous to go to such as manholes, sewage pipes, and other areas that can be tricky for a person to navigate.

Lesser disruptions

3D Scanning & Drone Technology in Land Surveying

Drone technology has also made it possible for land surveyors to measure land areas with high foot and vehicle traffic like sidewalks and highways without barring people from going through those areas.

Traditional methods of land surveying required land surveyors to block streets when they had to measure those areas. But with the use of drones, land surveyors can easily fly these gadgets over the streets and highways they need.

3D scanning technology and drone technology have revolutionized the way land surveyors do their job for the better. If before they had to navigate through difficult terrains, climb dangerous cliffs, or squeeze through congested streets and highways, now all they have to do is use remote control and the majority of their tasks get done.

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