The Dangers of Potholes and How to Avoid Them

Road potholes

Imagine that one day you were cruising along a highway with no other cars around you. You turn up the radio and feel the outside air while listening to your favorite radio station. Then suddenly, you almost fell off your seat because you ran through a random pothole.

A pothole can be a major hassle among drivers. For one, it can cause damage to the vehicle. It can also endanger the lives of the driver and its passengers. Asphalt repair contractors are available in Sandy to help solve these dangerous potholes.

No one is exempted from road accidents. Anything can happen even if you are the most careful driver in the world. Motorcycle drivers are more at risk for road accidents. Nevertheless, it is important to exercise road safety measures regardless of the vehicle you use.

Dangers of potholes

These crater-like holes in the middle of the road are one major cause of road accidents. A report from the American Automobile Association (AAA) reported that drivers in the US spend $3 billion on average due to pothole damage. Among common pothole-related damages include:

  • Shocks and suspension damage
  • Flat tires
  • Damaged rims
  • Steering damage
  • Body frame damage
  • Tire misalignment

Potholes do not only exist in the U.S. It is also a common thing in many parts of the world. All the same, potholes can cause vehicle damage and endanger people riding their respective vehicles. Potholes can also be less visible at night. As a result, driving at night can be more dangerous for motorists.

In India, it was reported that more than 3,500 people were killed due to potholes in 2017. The same report also mentioned around 25,000 people who got injured due to the same reason.

Sadly, there is no law apprehending someone responsible for the deaths and injuries due to potholes. Worse, some victims were even put to blame for “not being careful enough.”

Keeping safe from dangerous potholes

The presence of potholes should be addressed immediately. Otherwise, it will cause accidents over and over again. For the meantime, it is important to be vigilant with the presence of these road craters to prevent any accidents.

Some potholes can appear overnight depending on the road condition and traffic. Others may have already been there, but only grew larger over time. That said, it is important for drivers to keep their eyes on the road for the presence of potholes. Here are two tips to avoid damage and accidents due to potholes:

1. Ensure that your tires are well-inflated

Checking the tireLow tire pressure can cause damage to the tires. Coming into contact with potholes can make things worse for your tires. If you have no choice but to run through a pothole, keep calm and ride slowly.

Make sure to keep your steering wheel straight and slow down while riding through the pothole. Let your vehicle roll through it and avoid stepping on the gas.

2. Be vigilant of potholes when you’re on the road

Before maneuvering in a certain direction, make sure to check the side and rear mirrors for any potholes around. Use your judgment whether to run through the pothole or find ways to avoid it if you can.

As drivers, we should be practice responsible for driving at all times. Potholes will always be there. But we can find ways to lessen or avoid accidents and damages due to potholes.

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