How Cleaning Can Turn You Into a Better Person

Woman cleaning the counter in the kitchen

Some people may think it’s absurd that a burdensome and tedious task can actually teach a person a thing or two about life. And while most of us would prefer to call a spring cleaning service here in Syracuse rather than get scrubbing this season, you might want to pick that mop up yourself after reading this article.

Here are just a few valuable lessons that cleaning can teach you about the art of living:

The only way through it is to do it

Some of life’s troubles are similar to a pile of dirty dishes or a basket of clothes waiting to be folded. You may whine and stall and grumble and complain, but you’ll soon find out that you only need to make the first step and the mountain soon goes away.

How much energy and time we waste-producing drama over much of life’s obstacles when all we have to do is make that phone call, write that letter, call that counselor, apply for another job, one step is all that’s needed. The rest will follow.

Service is an act of love

Yes, we might find it annoying to have to pick up our family’s smelly socks off the floor day in and day out and isn’t it time your husband learned to organize the kitchen himself? What you may be forgetting though is that behind every mud track mopped and every piece of laundry folded is a great act of love that you communicate to your family.

Nothing shows love more than action and keeping the house neat and clean, speaks more volume than any gift or love note you give.

Cleaning teaches you to be present in the moment

This humble task of cleaning usually ignored by many is actually a great meditation tool. The simple act of washing dishes or dusting shelves or organizing books puts you in the present moment, gives you time to contemplate on life, the people you love, the things that you do.

It presents you with the opportunity to gain insight into what you are doing with your life if you are living as you ought to be. Having the time to clean means having time to yourself, a gift in today’s frantically-paced world.

It reinforces the virtue of humility

Woman wearing apron and gloves while holding a broom

Cleaning means putting everyone else’s comfort before your own. It is hard work that doesn’t pay (at least not in the monetary sense. It requires you to do things that no one else likes doing. While these may seem insignificant at first, you better believe that the work it does to your character and soul is deep.

You will appreciate the value of hard work and be more connected to things that truly matter in this world, no superficiality, no false sense of ego. Just good ole’ honest, hard work.

These are only a few of life’s lessons that you may gain from a good and hearty cleaning. The trick is to get into the moment, to relax and find pleasure in what you are doing. The benefits go way deeper than just a cleaner house. When you get down to it, it’s pure love in action.

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