Patio-Building Best Practices

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Before you enter a house, you step on the driveway, or you pass through the gate. On a bright, summer day, it is likely that you will notice the design, furniture and landscape of the patio area, or lack thereof. Having a well-designed patio should not escape the trendy homeowner since this is very much a part of the house.

You should be able to create a patio set-up that is in tune with the theme of your interior design. Some companies specialise in manufacturing furniture and fixtures built explicitly for the outdoors like Stratco quality patios.

The experts would recommend using these types of furniture rather than those that are used inside the house. Here are additional best practices when building a patio.

Find a Theme and Purpose

Just like the interior of the house, it should not be just a random placement of furniture that you like. Experts would advise that you find a theme and purpose for your patio. What activities would you like to do in the patio? Do you plan to play games there, or you just want it to be cosy?

If you have children, there should be provisions for some outdoor activities and determine the extent of their movement. Would you like to have complete playground fixtures like monkey bars, slides or a swing set? Or should it just be about hanging around to pass the time with a good book and enjoying the fresh air?

Once you have answered these questions and have decided on the purpose of your patio, then you can proceed with the next steps.

Decide on a Focal Point

There should be a focal point based on your purpose. If it’s a playground, the focal point would probably be the play area. Even then, you could narrow it down to the swing set, usually placed in the middle, and build the rest of the patio from the centre moving outwards.

Choose a centrepiece. It could be a couch set, or if you plan to have meals on your patio, you can choose to have a dining set. The patio should be an extension of your house because it is also part of your property. Just like your home, it should also be a reflection of your personality and what is important to you.

This centrepiece is like the anchor of your patio, and it will dictate the theme of your outdoor area. Your next purchases should revolve around this.

Be Mindful of the Mood

patio design of a modern house

The centrepiece dictates the theme, but you can still set the mood with other fixtures. Whether you want to have a light and breezy feel or calm and cosy, this can be dictated by the lighting and other accessories.

A typical patio theme would have a resort-type feel. To this end, you can have side tables and tables to hold your drinks and snacks. Ottomans can add on the comfort and even relieve backaches.

Observe Symmetry and Guest Traffic

When arranging your patio furniture, make sure that they are symmetrical so there could be a semblance of design. A professional has this suggestion: arrange the furniture with the “traffic flow” in mind. Have the seating accessible to the pathways, so that guests won’t pass through the other guests and end up stepping on people’s toes.

The outside space of your home is your façade and creates a first impression. It should not be neglected and, if you follow these tips, you can have a cosy patio of your own.

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