How to Design a Home Gym That Will Motivate You to Work Out

Nothing beats having the chance to work out at your own convenience, and in the privacy and comfort of your abode. You don’t have to drive in traffic, worry about being too cold or hot, shower with strangers, or stress yourself wondering whether the exercise equipment in your local gym has been thoroughly and recently disinfected.

But exercising at home also comes with pitfalls, the biggest one is getting motivated to work out. Whether you’re planning on having your trusted general contractor build a custom gym for you or have a small corner dedicated to exercising, below are key inspiring home gym elements to get you moving.

Proper Flooring

Proper floors could help with injury prevention and make working out generally more comfortable for you. If you’re fine with hardwood flooring, that’s fine. But if you’re looking for a softer flooring solution, consider non-slip materials like carpet tiles or interlocking foam tiles.

Mirror, Mirror On Your Wall

Mirrors are useful for checking your form when doing yoga or lifting weights. They can also help amplify light through outside sources. Beyond that, they are also great for mirror selfies, which are, in turn, helpful for tracking your progress through photos.

An Awesome TV

Whether you rely on instructional videos when working out or are used to watching something to pass the time when doing cardio, having a television in your home gym is great. Otherwise, a tablet stand for your tablet will work great as well.

Amp Up Your Workouts with Music

Not a fan of watching while working out? Rock out to music instead with a setup that works well for your phone or MP3 player. You could further boost motivation by listening to playlists that you created in advance. If noise is an issue, however, consider investing in wireless earbuds to get your dose of music while exercising. These come in water-resistant versions as well, which will work even for heavy sweat sessions.

dumbbells in a box

Proper Gear Storage

Exercise gear and equipment could easily pile up and take over in your otherwise Zen workout zone if you’re not careful. They can also pose hazards. Make sure to have proper storage such as shelves, cabinets, or even sturdy plastic containers in your home gym.

Refreshing Water

Instead of plain water, consider adding some lime or lemon slices, fresh berries, cucumber, and/or fresh lavender or mint sprigs. Keep a pitcher of water inside your fridge so you can easily grab it as you head to your home gym.

Art That Inspires

Personalize your home gym with art that inspires you or motivates you. This could include feel-good photos and inspiring quotes. If you’re trying to lose excess weight, you can also consider hanging up photos of yourself when you were fit to challenge and motivate yourself to keep on moving.

Relaxing Cool-Down Items

A bench or beanbag makes an excellent spot for recovering and resting after a workout. Having a cushy throw around is also nice, especially during wintertime, when your gym might be cooler than normal even if you’re sweaty. Amp up the room’s relaxing atmosphere with your favorite scented candles or an oil diffuser to capture that spa-like vibe.

Rolled, soft white towels on a stack couldn’t hurt either. Placed inside a decorative basket or lined up on a shelf, there is just something so relaxing and calming about clean white towels.

Even if you are not a gym or exercise buff, having your own gym will enable you to design a space that will get you and keep you moving.

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