How to Choose the Best Shutter Door for Your Store

Steel shutter door

Do you need enhanced security for your store? All stores do. Even if you don’t think so, you can never have too much security. After all, we’re talking about a small business. This is one thing you cannot compromise lest you lose a steady stream of income.

If you know this, you must have already thought about installing commercial roller shutter doors from providers such as Remax Products. Many store owners prefer these features over manual gates because they provide better insulation and they protect establishments against burglary and fire.

But, you can’t just get any door in the market today. There is a set of criteria you have to make and adhere to. How can you make sure you are making the right purchase? Here’s a guide.

Check your colour options

Every business is different — and it should be. Similar looks would avoid confusion among customers. A good guide to follow is the brand colour scheme you have decided to go with. If you don’t have one, it is time to do so because it is one of the major things people will associate with your store. Having brand colours increases brand recognition.

There are several colour options for your doors. For the single-skinned roller doors, though, you could choose from about fifteen plastisol-coated colours. If you prefer personalised designs, you could go with different wood grain effects finishes that match the colours of redwood finishes on doors and windows. Your colour options should be influenced by your expectations for a specific outcome and brand image.

Check the door size

Shutter Door-Measuring tool

It is crucial that the door fits well in the space to deliver the expected results. If you miss the dimensions, your door might fail to protect the store against uncertainties. Pay attention to the aspects and choose a roller shutter with an apt height and length.

You don’t have to limit yourself to traditional roller shutter doors, too. You could also purchase doors with modern features for more security as well as convenience. Depending on your preferences, you could choose designs with backup power options and remote control systems.

Check the security of the location

Security should be on top of your list of priorities, especially if the store is located in a region with a lot of traffic. Check the latest crime statistics in your area so you will get a better idea as to what type of door you are going to buy. In some cases, a type of shutter door might not be secure enough for an area; other times it might be unnecessarily too secure.

The advice from your local security council should help you decide whether a hi-tech model will be the perfect one for you. They will also take into consideration your location and neighbourhood and will know the right options for you.

In conclusion, your budget should help you choose the ideal door. Note that while unscrupulous dealers will try to entice you with cheaper doors, be wary of the quality and how it would affect your longtime business plans.

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