Keeping a Year-Round Cleaning Schedule for Your Home

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Home maintenance is part of the responsibilities of every homeowner. Making sure that the house is clean and that the various systems are working should be done regularly. There are some maintenance and cleanup steps that you can do monthly and others that are best conducted on a yearly basis.

Keeping your home’s systems clean results in improved performance and lower operating costs. Heating, for instance, can become more expensive if not properly maintained. Repair costs can also escalate if you do not have your roof checked by experts in roof repairs in Orem.

Monthly Maintenance Tips

Monthly home maintenance is easy to follow and implement. Here are some basic cleanup things you can do:

  • Vacuum clean the heat vents and heat registers.
  • Check your sink and tub drains for any hair, residue or debris. Clean and unclog them.
  • Run a test on your smoke alarm, fire extinguishers, carbon monoxide detectors and all ground fault circuit interrupters.
  • Check the furnace filter and have it cleaned regularly. Get rid of any dust build-ups, and see a dramatic decrease in your heating bills.
  • Remove any mineral deposit from your showerheads and always clean the faucet aerators for better water flow.
  • Use hot water to flush out any accumulated dirt, grime and sediment from your heater.
  • Keep the garbage disposal clean by grinding some ice cubes, flush with hot water, and add some baking soda.

Maintenance Tips for Spring

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Aside from your regular monthly spring cleaning, you might also want to follow these general home maintenance tips for the spring season:

  • Start by cleaning your window and door screens.
  • Keep wood furniture polished and dust away your light fixtures.
  • Change the filter of your air-conditioning unit.
  • Replace or repair your caulking, and do the weather stripping for your doors, windows and other mechanicals.
  • Get rid of insulation from your outdoor faucets and check on the sprinkler head.
  • This is the perfect time to have the AC serviced.
  • Drain and or flush the water heater.
  • Power wash your siding and windows.
  • Inspect the roof for any loose, damaged or missing leaks and shingles.
  • Take away the debris and leaves from the gutters, including the downspouts.
  • Remove lint from the dryer vent using a vacuum cleaner.
  • Call an expert to check and pump on the septic tank.

Maintenance Tips for Summer

You might also want to follow these quick summer home maintenance guide to take the hard work out of the way at the start of a new year. Even if the weather is hot, you need not worry as many of these cleanup tasks are found indoors:

  • Start with the kitchen, clean the exhaust fan filters.
  • Next, work on the fridge and check on the freezer coils and clean the drip trays.
  • Re-seal the tile grouts.
  • Check your dishwasher for any leak.
  • Have the garage door opener, chain and door hinges oiled.
  • Prune all of the shrubs and trees in the backyard.

Keeping a monthly home improvement checklist will help keep your maintenance schedule right on track and easy to manage.

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