Old Furniture Pieces You Can Turn Into a Bathroom Vanity

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Vanities are an essential part of the bathroom. Depending on the space you have, you can have either the single or the double vanity. For a more personalised touch, you can turn old pieces of furniture into bathroom vanities.

This not only helps you save money but also allows you to become more creative when it comes to decorating your living space. Here are some great ideas.

Buffet Table

The buffet table comes with lots of drawers and shelves, which you can use as a vanity for hiding your bathroom toiletries and stuff. This works well, especially if it has a rich, dark and antique finish as well as detailed hardware and fittings.

Console Table

Console tables are meant to be an embellishment placed against wall panels inside your bathroom. The console has a very shallow depth to ensure that the passage around it is not hindered. This is a great choice for any bathroom space. You can also convert the console table into a double vanity.

Sewing Table

Sewing tables offer an antique and classic touch to any interior space. It is said that this tool used for various needlework originates as far back as the16th century. You can repurpose your old sewing table as a bathroom vanity. Keep the machine in place for a vintage look and feel.

Art Cabinet

Art cabinets have very shallow drawers, and they are often used for filing important documents, including maps and blueprints. You can turn this cabinet into a lovely vanity to add more character and functionality to your bathroom.

Antique Bureau Desk

For the love of antiques and classic vintage look, you can put to good use an old but sturdy antique bureau desk. You can check Pinterest for design ideas on how you can repurpose that old dusty antique bureau desk that you have at home.

Student’s Desk

This simple and straightforward desk offers all that you will need for a bath vanity with its several side drawers and ample counter space. You can mount your basin on top of it and add a granite top for a better look and finish. This way, you protect the wood of the student desk and avoid any moisture from creeping in.

Classic Credenza

The credenza is a buffet or sideboard table that is low and long that is often placed in a dining or living area for design and utility. The cabinet is used as storage for table linens, serving dishes, utensils and cutlery. You can add personality to any bathroom by turning any classic credenza into a small but useful bathroom vanity. The colour of the wooden credenza will surely add warmth to your bathroom.

Mid-Century Sideboard

Classic bathroomThis sideboard cabinet comes with a narrow width and two sliding doors below, offering a lot of room for the countertop. This retro vintage feel will surely complement the colour theme of a classic bathroom or use it to add persona to a contemporary bathroom.

Put your old furniture to good use by repurposing them and converting them to a lovely vanity for your bathroom. These pieces of furniture will not only give you ample storage space but also give your bathroom a unique and vintage look that you will surely love.

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