Signs that Your Dog Is Smarter than You Think

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Pets manage to bring lots of joy into our lives with almost no effort at all. They make us smile, cheer us up when we feel weak or upset, and are constantly there for us. With that in mind, it is no surprise that millions of households in the world choose to take care of a pet. Unfortunately, not all people understand the relationship between humans and animals or even appreciate how much pets do for their masters. Having a furry friend has many benefits that you can enjoy.

Studies suggest that dogs are as smart as two-year-old kids. They can recognise their owners even after a long time and obey their commands, making them ideal pets. However, do all dogs have the same level of intelligence? If you are curious about your pet’s mental ability, read the following indications of an Einstein-like dog:

Your Dog Can Open the Door

More than three million people in Australia have dogs, and it is beneficial to know their abilities. Smart dogs can understand how your door handles work. They can open doors and find ways to reach places, so make sure to put door handles that are strong against their scratches and bites.

Your Dog Can Solve Puzzles

Dog playing with his ownersOne way to know if you have a genius dog is by hiding treats. Put your pet’s food in a container that is difficult to open. You can try concealing it under a carpet or inside a cabinet. If your dog can find and get the food, there is a high possibility that it is smart.

Your Dog Learns Tricks Easily

Teaching dogs how to perform tricks is one of the goals of people who raise pets. All healthy dogs can be trained to follow commands. However, an intelligent dog can understand the meaning of instructions faster than average ones. Try teaching your dog basic hand gestures and commands. It will be able to perform the trick after a few tries if it is brilliant.

Your Dog Snuggles with You When You Feel Lonely

Having good observation skills is a strong indication that your dog is intelligent. If your pet notices that you are sad and snuggles with you, it means that it has a good grasp of logic and empathy. It can get ideas about what is happening and act on its own.

Your Dog Tries to Communicate with You

Aside from barking, there are countless ways to communicate with your pet. Your dog can bring its food container if it is hungry. It can also smell your hand if it wants to be petted. Humans cannot understand dog language, but by incorporating sounds and objects, dogs and their owner can grasp each other’s ideas.

In the end, dogs are naturally intelligent beings. Still, it is advantageous to know if they are smarter than what you think. By being aware of their cognitive skills, you can understand them more and treat them better. Who knows? Your dog might have its own special way of understanding you.

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