Thinking of Renovations? Here’s How to Do it Wisely

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What have you done for your home lately? If you’ve been tinkering with one project after another, it’s apparent that you’re not content with how things are at home. You may think you’ve got the worst house in the neighborhood and you’re trying to fix that.

But how much are you spending in the process? Let these changes improve your house without costing an arm and a leg:

1. Decorative Flake Flooring

What do decorative polymer flakes and a garage floor coating service give you? A decorative flake flooring that looks like it costs a lot. That benefits you because you get a good flooring redesign without draining your savings just to make one area look beautiful. When it comes to changes that impact the house, you want something that can be easily noticed. And what’s more noticeable than the flooring? Choose to focus on just the garage or redo the flooring in the whole house with just polymer flakes and epoxy floor coating. Then, invite everyone to get their reaction. Enjoy the positive compliments and when they ask for the price, just give them a mysterious smile.

2. Repurposed Vehicle

Everyone has that one item they simply cannot part with even if they don’t have much use for it anymore. If that’s what you feel about a car with an engine that has long since failed you, consider repurposing it to add glamour to your home without you needing to buy anything expensive. Turn it into a planter, which will look stunning as soon as plants weave around the seats and attract the attention of visitors and passersby alike. You may also bring it into the house as a makeshift bookshelf, which might just be the most interesting bookshelf anyone has ever seen. If it’s too bulky to be used whole, use parts separately to add a theme at home that will surely be a crowd pleaser.

3. Painted Vanity

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How much does a new set of vanity cost? Depending on the material and finish, prices can get so high that you’ll want to just buy new kitchen appliances. What if you just needed paint to freshen up your vanity? The beauty of DIY is you can personalize anything to turn them into something that is uniquely yours. If that means rose gold vanity with a rustic finish, so be it. But do you need to spend much on it? Not with some tools and skills, you don’t.

Don’t even stop there. Give the frames and living room decor a fresh coat of paint to match so that visitors will see a coherent design across rooms. They’ll think you spent thousands to get the look and who can blame you if you don’t correct them? Or go ahead and show them how you cleverly followed trends without it depleting your savings.

There are countless ways to renovate the house, especially if you’re following trends. There’s always some new must-have sold at expensive prices. As a smart homeowner, learn to get the look you want without spending too much for it.

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