Simple Upgrades that Add Value to A Small Space

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If you have the space to change things up in your home, you can come up with creative ideas that can transform your place into something that you can call your own. Add things that showcase your character, quirks and interests as though you’re working on a blank canvas. But what if your living space is small? Do you make do with a bland, pedestrian look or do you try your best to improve the space in any way you can?

There are ways that you can do to personalize the limited space in your room. So whether you live in a tiny studio, one-bedroom apartment or tiny home on wheels, you can express your creativity and make your space look great. Here are some tips:

Add Color. Lots of It.

The typical interior designs use just a handful of colours: white, grey, cream, and any possible combination of the three. Since you have limited space to decorate, you can use your walls, ceilings, and other surfaces as your canvas. Use an accent colour to emphasize a section of your house or paint an image or pattern on your walls. If you’re not confident with your painting skills, ask an artistic friend to do it for you. The best part about DIY-ing home painting is you’re free to try things out; if you make a mistake, you can easily paint over it. Explore and experiment with colours and patterns until you figure out what you want to wake up to every morning.

Optimize Your Floor Space
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When you have a limited floor area, the wise thing to do is get furniture that won’t take up too much space. Avoid chairs with wide bases and buy the ones you can stack one over another, for example, or choose a space-saving steel staircase instead of a full wooden staircase. More importantly, buy multi-purpose things so that you’ll have more room to move around in. For example, a coffee table with adjustable legs and can unfold to a bigger table will also work as your dining table. Couches and tables that double as storage are excellent examples as well. When each piece of your furniture has multiple uses, your home will look spacious and have very little clutter.

Use Vertical Space Wisely

In a regular-sized dwelling, there’s no need to maximize storage. You barely notice the potential of your walls, as a result, simply hang paintings, framed pictures, and more. For a small house, you should use your walls wisely because they’re prime real estate for storage and creativity. You can add shelvings evenly spaced from floor to ceiling. Use these shelves to store items like kitchenware, small trinkets, appliances, artwork, framed pictures, and many more.

If you’re not fond of shelves, you can add hooks to hang items like clothes, shoes, wires and other electronics, and more. These wall fixtures will not only satisfy your storage needs but also improve what could’ve been an empty section of your home.

Limited space or not, designing your house is just a matter of creativity in out-of-the-box thinking. Exercise your freedom to decorate according to your preferences and make your home a true reflection of your self.

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