Smart Storage: 3 Things You Should Never Keep in the Garage

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Almost all garages are the same: They’re overflowing with too much stuff. It’s a dumping ground for all the excesses of life. In fact, if you want to know what a homeowner is like without asking them directly, you would just have to go to their garage and you would likely form an accurate picture of their interests, lifestyles, and even memories.

While garages are essentially storage areas, you can’t keep all your stuff in it. To tell you the truth, there are some things you normally keep there that aren’t supposed to be there. Here are some of them:

Pest Magnets

Anything that attracts pests should be kept away from your garage. First in this list is food. Most people tend to go bulk shopping, often over piling their tiny indoor pantry. They store the remaining food items at the garage, only to discover that rats, cockroaches, and ants have feasted on their cookies and sweets before they even enjoyed it.

Remember that these pests can get into tiny cracks and gaps, leaving your cabinet-stored food items still vulnerable. Store food away from your garage. This includes not just human food, but also pet food and bird seeds. Another pest-magnet you should never keep in your garage are beddings and clothes. If you have such unused materials, don’t let it sit on your garage for an extended period. Dispose of them immediately by donating them to charity or selling it in a garage sale.

Fragile Items

fragile porcelain bowlsThe items in your garage are at the mercy of fluctuating temperature changes in your locale, which means they would be exposed to increased moisture, humidity, dust, and dirt. If you have vinyl records, photos, electronics, paintings, and important documents kept in your garage, do consider storing them elsewhere. Otherwise, you run the risk of having these damaged and rendered useless later on.

If you’re planning to keep an AC in the garage to control the temperature, it’s recommended to set it at 75 degrees Fahrenheit or cooler to maintain the quality of your fragile items. As you’re storing crucial items in your garage, do remember securing the space with a well-maintained garage door. Cairns specialists recommend exploring different types and materials, so you’ll know which best suits your security needs as well as aesthetic preferences.

Dangerous Chemicals

It’s more convenient to keep propane tanks in the garage, as they’re more accessible when you do your backyard barbecue parties. However, it’s not the safest move for your family. Propane tanks can leak and ignite when they’re at enclosed spaces. It’s best to leave them outside. Gasoline, on the other hand, can be kept in the garage, provided that they’re in a container. You should keep them off the floor as well and away from ignition sources. If you have other dangerous chemicals, which are not used anymore, like pool cleaners or ​pesticides, throw them away already.

Even though your garage is a storage area, you can’t just dump everything in it. Avoid keeping the mentioned items in your garage to maintain the quality of your personal belongings and at the same time, avoid injuries to your family.

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