The Air Conditioner Industry is Changing Through These Innovations

Inventive ideas are changing many facets of the world today, including the HVAC industry. Not so long ago, sophistication in the industry could only be found in industrial and commercial settings. Much has changed today to the point that office and residential buildings have become more complex. As technologies that are more revolutionary continue to emerge, we can look forward to an industry that is constantly improving and moving forward.

While some of the technologies may not be on the market in full force, there are some that you could implement right away. A company that offers air conditioning repair services in Riverview describes a few of these technologies.

Ice Powered AC

This technology is simple. The unit freezes water overnight during the peak hours of energy demand. The ice that formed is used to cool the building during the day. This type of air conditioning is capable of working for up to six hours with a commercial air conditioner taking over after. Although there is still a long way to go before the technology becomes autonomous, the few hours of conditioning it offers are commendable.

Learning Thermostat

Learning or smart thermostats have taken the HVAC industry by storm. Incorporating information technology, these devices come with apps, Wi-Fi, and color touchscreens. Running on Android or Apple OS, these gadgets offer remote control capability regardless of the user’s distance from home. Thermostats are designed to complement the aesthetic appeal of the building and suit the operational needs of the user. The learning capability comes in the form of learning the heating and cooling habits in a building and maximize energy efficiency.

Thermal Powered Air Conditioning

Thermally driven AC is another recent smart innovation. This is an alternative to conventional AC, whereby the sun is the major source of energy. The low cost design can be supported by natural gas, so it is extremely efficient. The fact that it gets rid of electricity costs makes it highly relevant during these times of high energy costs.

Geothermal Heat Pump

A heat pump is an air conditioning device that removes heat from one place to another. Alongside water source and air-to-air heat pump types, the geothermal heat pump has been around for many years. The thing is, not many people have focused on this technology until now. Many homeowners are opting to go green, hence the increased popularity of this device.

A geothermal heat pump simply runs on energy from the earth, which is harnessed via a pipe. Cooling is achieved through a reverse process. If you are also interested in hot water at no cost, consider installing this technology.

Floor Heating

Man Installing Floor Heating Materials

Many homeowners are also adopting floor heating and achieving increased energy efficiency by up to 30% compared to a conventional heating system. Pipe loops circulate warm liquid below the floor, with the warmth easily covering the rest of the indoor space. Ask the experts how you can optimize your home insulation to take full advantage of this technology.

The direction that the HVAC industry is taking is interesting. Homeowners have more than enough options to not only take advantage of the effectiveness of modern technology but also make huge energy savings. You can always consult air conditioning repair professionals to find ways to optimize these solutions.

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