Avoid These Mistakes When Installing Your New Gutters

Seamless gutter services provide gutters that don’t drip or cause staining on the fascia of a home. This video highlights how common it is to see this staining and what causes it. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when installing new gutters.

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Gutters should always have some cork beading or a gutter apron. Without this additional piece, water will run behind the gutter and down the fascia board, causing staining and the spread of bacteria. This can damage the home and impact the health and well-being of the homeowners.

Don’t install a gutter too high. There has to be space for the water to drip down into the gutter and run off, away from the roof. Leaving a gutter too high means there’s no space for a gutter apron but also, in heavy rain, gutters can fill and cause dampness in the edge of the roof.

Professionals should also ensure they install the correct type of gutter, rather than simply using a one-size-fits-all gutter type on every roof. Mismatched colors can reduce the curb value of a home. Gutters that are too thin can crack during inclement weather.

Professionals should provide seamless gutter services that are practical and attractive. The right gutter contributes to home safety. Plus, it can protect the value of a home.

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