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interior design bedroom with antique pieces

Adding That Timeless Touch to Your Home

Every decade has seen its fair share of home design cliché. What seems like a smart decorating choice at present may end up being a source of embarrassment after a few years. This is why unless you’re planning to redecorate your home once every few years, at a cost, of course, it’s best to just

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man fixing the plumbing of the kitchen's sink

Leave Them to the Pros: Plumbing Tasks You Shouldn’t DIY

Most families experience plumbing issues at some point, whether it’s a dripping faucet, a clogged sink, or a malfunctioning toilet. It’s one thing to contact an emergency plumber in Orem because there’s something in the system that needs to be fixed immediately, and it’s another thing if you’re the one causing the problem yourself. A

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Carpet Installation

4 Professional Methods of Carpet Installation

Wooden floors — be it laminate, solid, or engineered — are currently one of the best-looking choices for residential and commercial properties. Though a bit expensive compared to other materials, these floors are renowned for their durability, which makes them worth the expense. This type of flooring, however, requires protection so they would still look

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Keep Your Home in Good Shape with These Tips

A home is a lot more fragile than it looks. Though it may seem solid, you’re going to do regular maintenance on its various parts if you want it to stay in its great condition. Here are some of the things you can do to ensure that your home looks as good as new: The

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Worker doing drywall repair

How Much Should You Spend in Utah for Professional Drywall Repairs?

Residents in Utah should expect to spend $512 on average to repair damaged drywall, although the actual price for your home will vary based on several factors. The cost of labor serves as one reason for a more or less expensive repair. Homeowners may only need to hire a handyman to fix minor issues such

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Best Ways to Keep Your Pool in Top Condition

There are a lot of healthy benefits derived from swimming. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness. It also tones your muscles and helps you maintain your ideal weight, while helping you maintainng a healthy heart and lungs. Swimming, being a low-impact activity, is ideal for people of all ranges. Your various muscle groups

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Man cleaning the carpet

Why It’s Better to Let the Pros Clean Your Carpet

Cleaning your home carpet would seem like an easy task or a doable weekend project. You buy a steam cleaner thinking you would be done in a couple of hours but after 4 or 5 hours, your back is sore, your knees are hurting from all that spot scrubbing, and the pet stains are not

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pest control professional

A Bug of a Dilemma: The Most Common Household Pests to Look Out For

Several pests have been the bane of man since time immemorial. They don’t only cause continuous trouble and inconveniences but also sickness and death in extreme cases. Many pests never stop in causing trouble much to the irritation of the one who is unlucky enough to have them in their place of work and most

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Worker installing solar panels

How to Install a Solar Panel in Utah: 3 Major Steps

Utah is one of the states with the lowest costs of installing solar panels, making it a prime spot for homeowners to take advantage of solar energy. According to EnergySage, in the first half of 2017, the average cost of solar panels in Utah was $3.26 per watt, way below the national average of $3.39

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epoxy flooring work in the site

How Epoxy Flooring Can Make Your Property Shine

Seven coats—that is the typical response you will get when you ask about epoxy floor coating in Salt Lake City. That may sound costly and time-consuming, but this type of flooring system is extremely reliable and always worth the investment. Of course, it is important to make a good impression, and a flooring makeover is imminent when things

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