Love Yourself More: Here’s a Weekend Self-Care Checklist

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With the coronavirus pandemic raging, you may be feeling more anxious than ever. Don’t worry. You’re not alone. The good thing is you can do something to help you deal with it day after day. One of these is loving yourself more.

To begin, you can try this weekend self-care checklist:

1. Get a Massage

A massage can do wonders for the body. It helps ease muscle tension, which is common when a person is under a lot of stress. It may also reduce body pain, especially for those with arthritis or lower back pain.

It may be ideal for those who are working from home. All those hours sitting in front of the laptop can take a toll on the neck and the back.

These days, going out for a spa or massage is impossible, but you can bring it into your home. You may invest in Loreca massage chairs, which you can share with the rest of the family. It may take only a few minutes to get a fantastic relaxation your body needs.

2. Soak in a Lavender Bath

A half-hour bath soak can complement your 15 minutes’ massage, especially when the water is warm. This type of temperature helps raise the temperature of the body and dilates the blood vessels. In the process, it improves muscle tension.

You can make the bath even better when you scatter some lavender or place a few drops of its essential oil. A 2013 study once revealed that the aroma it gives off could stabilize the mood or even decrease the feelings of anxiety. Overall, this nice bath can lull you to sleep quickly.

3. Sleep in a Weighted Blanket

If you struggle with getting enough sleep, then it’s understandable. Anxiety can keep you up all night. However, sleep deprivation can hurt your immune system, which needs to be in great shape.

If sleep evades you each night, you may consider buying a weighted blanket. Weighing between 4 and 20 pounds, it may reduce anxiety by as much as 60%. Many prefer it because it provides deep-pressure stimulation. The feeling is similar to being swaddled like a baby or hugged, so it boosts the sense of security.

4. Learn to Play Music

woman's hands playing acoustic guitar, close up

Remember what they say, “Music can heal the soul.” An article listed some of the many health benefits of learning how to play an instrument:

  • It changes the structure of the brain. It may increase the volume of gray matter, which contains the most significant concentration of neurons. It is also the part of the brain that’s responsible for processing information.
  • It boosts alertness. In one research, the learning process may create bursts of energy that is equivalent to drinking some coffee.
  • It helps reduce feelings of depression and anxiety. Music can provide an outlet for a person to express themselves. Some studies also revealed that it might encourage bonding with others.
  • It enhances the executive function of the brain. The effect of learning new music or instrument is so profound that it may strengthen the brain’s ability to make better decisions, stay focused, or process and retain information.

Your anxiety is valid, and it’s okay to grieve or feel scared right now. But it doesn’t need to win over you. You may learn to deal with it better by opening yourself more to self-love. You can start by doing some self-care every weekend.

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