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Lawns and backyards develop a few problems now and then, but proper maintenance can keep any situation under control. Apart from weeds and pests, a challenge that most homeowners tend to forget about is a flooded lawn because of a pipe clogging. The state of Florida receives an annual rainfall average of 63 inches, much higher than the national average.

So people who live in places like Boca Raton need to make sure their pipes and lawns are maintained well. Water could be useful for greenery, but it does not work well if it becomes stagnant and floods the area. High flood levels could also damage your house, and you might need water damage restoration for your Florida home.

Is Your Property Prone to Flooding?

The debate on climate change and global warming is now more relevant than ever to the state of Florida, as many cities experience flooding more frequently in recent years. Check if the property is flood-prone, and look for potential causes that could increase flood risk.

A house located below a hill could make proper drainage difficult. When there is a torrential downpour, water will follow a natural path downhill, which could then lead to your property.

Another possible cause of backyard flooding is bad design. If the ground level is not angled properly, the water might pool near the foundations if the water does not flow quickly enough down the drainage system.

Plants control soil erosion but having too much on your yard can cause serious problems for your drainage system. If you plant trees too close to the walls and foundations of your home, their roots could create leaks and breaks in your pipes, and could even destroy your home’s foundations.

Sump Pump

Some homeowners with perpetually flooded backyards to give up and wait for the water to go down or dry out. But this could be inviting disease and toxic bacteria and mold into your property. A  sump pump could help get rid of the water in your basement or yard.

Backyard Elevation

When the affected area is small and can be elevated, you can add mulching on the soil. Adding mulch will elevate your backyard and lessen the risk of flooding.

Dry Wells

A dry well collects water in times of flooding and releases it to the yard over time. You can create a collection system that releases the flood waters slowly.

Choose the Right Vegetation

Backyard filled with different vegetation

Native plants are the most effective in preventing soil erosion in your lawn or backyard. In Florida, native plants like Powderpuff, Blanket flower, Canna lily and Milkweed can prevent erosion better than other plants.

Water damage can be a considerable problem for any homeowner, and stagnant water in the backyard will only aggravate the situation. Choose the best solution that suits your property and prevent flooding and serious water damage to your life and property. Global warming and climate change won’t go away, so if you notice flooding in your area, call the experts you need immediately.

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